Welcome to TheDjellaba, your one-stop shop for authentic
Moroccan clothing in the Netherlands. We are more than just a webshop; we are
a community representing the rich and diverse Moroccan and Islamic culture
celebrates. In a country where fashion is known for being inclusive and diverse, we noticed
that something was still missing: the timeless elegance and comfort of the Moroccan

Our mission

Our mission is simple but powerful: Moroccan
Introducing djellabas and making them available to everyone, regardless of age
background. We want to build a bridge between cultures and show that fashion
is a universal language that connects us all.

Handmade and Authentic

Every piece you find in our webshop is handmade
Morocco. We work closely with local artisans to ensure that
every product is of the highest quality. When you buy from us, you are not buying
just a piece of clothing; you invest in a piece of authentic Moroccan

For everyone

With the largest and most diverse range on the
Dutch online market, there is something for everyone at TheDjellaba. Whether you're on
are looking for a traditional djellaba, a modern abaya, a comfortable one
qamis or a stylish gandoura, you will find it here. And with a wide range
styles, colors and sizes, you're sure to find something that suits you perfectly

Quick and Easy

We understand that you can't wait to receive your new purchase
to carry. That's why we ensure that if you order before 3:00 PM, you
receive your order the next day.

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We invite you to be part of our growing
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Sharing Moroccan and Islamic culture with the world. Follow us on social
media, share your experiences and let us make this wonderful journey together.

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on? Visit our webshop and discover the most beautiful djellabas, abayas, qamis and
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